Josh Streeter, DNP-C

Joshua Streeter joins Granger Medical Clinic following his graduation from the University of Vermont. He began his career as a Registered Nurse at the University of Vermont Medical Center and joins us now as a Nurse Practitioner. 

Josh utilizes his knowledge and training as both a nurse and nurse practitioner to provide a holistic approach to patient care. He believes that helping patients to truly understand and take control of their health requires self-empowerment. Josh accomplishes this through patient education, practicing empathy, and – most importantly – open and honest communication. Josh’s passion for his work comes from the satisfaction of helping patients to attain confidence in their ability to positively impact their own health. 

stefenie pic.PNG

Stefenie Olson

Medical Assistant (MA)

Stefenie is the Medical Assistant on our team here at the Orbit Granger Medical Clinic. Stefenie has a wealth of knowledge and over 8 years of experience, as she acted as a lead MA for two years at the Granger Wasatch Internal Medicine clinic. She more recently worked as the manager for the Medical Records & Scan team. She is here to assist patients in lab work, vaccines, BP readings, drug tests, returning patient calls, answering questions, and rooming patients that are scheduled to see the provider.
Stefenie is a Ute fan. She wants to travel the world and make a positive impact in the lives of those she meets. 

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Rachel Elsholz

Office Manager

Rachel is the team’s Office Manager. She has been with Granger Medical Clinic since 2017, working as a PSR as well as a PSR Lead for two years, which included increased responsibility and authority. Rachel oversees the clinical needs, which include ordering supplies for the office and staff. She is in charge of making sure the clinic continues to run smoothly. 

Rachel loves hiking, campling, and being outside with her dog. Rachel is a Lord of the Rings geek. She lived in China and taught English for five months. 

Sarandon Chino.jpg

Sarandon Chino

Patient Service Representative (PSR)

Sarandon works as a PSR here at the Orbit Granger Medical Clinic, and handles all incoming calls, appointment scheduling, and sending any messages the patient may need to their provider. Sarandon is also bilingual which helps insure all employees are taken care of fully. She loves being part of the care team and enjoys meeting and becoming acquainted with everyone at Orbit.


Sarandon loves running, sports, and spending time with friends and family. She has lived in the Philippines and Uruguay and enjoys experiencing new cultures and meeting people. Sarandon also loves ice cream and spicy food.

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Robyn Figueroa

Practice Manager

Robyn has worked for a number of years in management and accounting in various industries, including manufacturing. Here at the Orbit Granger Medical Clinic, she provides support to our Provider, our Office Manager, and the rest of the Care team. She works closely with the Care team to ensure operations are running smoothly. 

Robyn enjoys watching Formula 1 racing, camping, and spending time with her family (especially her grandchildren).